Intoxicating Masculinity - MAKING MEN REAL MEN AGAIN

Our Philosophy

We declare our independence from the societal cancers of Identity Politics, Political Correctness, Hypersensitivity, Manufactured Moral Outrage, Misandry, Third-Wave and Fourth-Wave Feminism, Transfeminism, Communism, Fascism, Statism, Materialism, and any other mental diseases that attempt to trivialize, marginalize, de-masculate or demonize men at the expense of society and advancement of the human race.

We disdain and pity the so-called “Social Justice Warriors” that perpetuate these horribly misguided, fraudulent and destructive belief systems and attempt to force-feed these poisons to our children through labeling people “racist,” “sexist,” “misogynist” and “literally Hitler.” No fucking sense of humor whatsoever.

We declare our independence for men to behave and think like men, for women to behave and think like women, without coercion from the Outrage Mob. We declare our independence from the shaming forced upon us by certain subversive elements. 

Intoxicating Masculinity is a podcast by men, of men, for men (and women who appreciate REAL MEN), where men can be unapologetic men as our Creator intended.  JOIN THE MOVEMENT AND MAKE MEN REAL MEN AGAIN.